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Access Control

Security Alarm

The Problem

  • Residents of Multi-family properties with Access Controls have the worst delivery experience of all Amazon customers.

  • The highest rate of lost, stolen, damaged, and undeliverable packages.

  • A National Apartment Association study shows 60% of residents factor effective package management into rental decisions.

  • Property Managers use up to 10 minutes of productivity every time they handle a package per The Wall Street Journal.

  • Amazon has “Uberized” their delivery process which often results in sending a different driver to the same address.

  • Amazon has a huge 15 hour delivery window, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Insecure delivery practices leave residents feeling unsafe.

  • Drafting residents through doors and gates means no entry tracking.

  • Packages left in entryways or tossed over gates mean packages are easily lost, stolen, or damaged.

  • Residents should be instructed to no longer buzz in people claiming to be delivering Amazon packages (and letting anyone into the building).

The Solution

The Amazon Key for Business Enhances Building Security.

  • Internet connected device is installed at the property.

  • The cloud application tracks the package with GPS when it is checked “Out for Delivery.”

  • When the package is tracked to the exact GPS match for the property the package status of “Out for Delivery” plus physical proximity authorizes entry.

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